A firefighters Life

Having a full time job during the week, and on the weekends having to go on another job and fighting fires to rescuing people from their vehicles, a never ending up and down motion. Who puts his life on the line who has children of his own whom he to akes care of at the same time. Crazy as it seems he loves his life.


20170720_142350You may wonder why travel? We can travel by plane, car, train or by reading books. Books? “Yes I said it” by reading you can travel the world and that is through people’s eyes and their experiences. If people travel they are able to see the world as they see it and can relate their travels to be us by talking about it or by writing about it



Sometimes in life we have to compromise certain aspects in life, why not do that at times it won’t hurt. But certain people do not like to do that, I do it all the time and if anything it has changed me to be the person I am today. I’m not perfect xxx but I have come to realize that I have to put others first before myself. I have learned through time and my years to overcome obstacles that are thrown at me, and I think I have done good with raising my children and my grandchildren. Try it, and I promise you that it is the one thing good that you have done.

My Cherished Ones

The loves of my life, my grandchildren. I’m so blessed to be with them every chance I get, and to see them grow up and here them sing, like for instance my grandbaby sariyah. Beautiful to hear her voice when she’s happy and singing. Everyone of my grandchildren are special in their own way.


I have noticed that when your cable service hi as been disconnected that there is silence. I have come to realize that this known fact! And it really is nice in fact. So I get to realize that I can get things done as lot quicker than ever before. And I can think a lot about things that I have never thought about and it feels good. I can actually focus on the important things that I have to do. I am not distracted. Wow 😁

Crazy To Be With A Man Who…..

Why be with a man for his looks when he has no common sense what so ever.. I cannot understand why women put up with the men who cannot make up their own minds.

I’m sorry that I am writing about this, but it is a known fact!.. Crazy as it seems, it seems we are continuously getting trapped by these behaviors. Goodness!, But yet we never learn, there are times when I cannot stand the one I’m with, and at other times I Love being with him, dam if I do or don’t..

Please sweet readers, can you tell me why this is????