Fire in the hole

Good day everyone!…I have been away for sometime and am very happy that I am back..


So much has happened in my ongoing life, and Have to say that I only stepped in to say ” That I will not be writing anymore”.. I thought that it was for me but, unfortunately it is not… Maybe later down the road.. Goodbye! And good luck!😍



“A lot of people can be and are whimsical”



I am.. So! We can do anything we want to be.. That’s our choice!

Why not? We are not perfect in this world.. “We are imperfect”.

The only one that was perfect that stepped on to this world was Jesus Christ. That’s right! We are only what we are..😄

Leave it Behind

“the past is just that, the past”

Good day everyone!😄

17f6f1ec8f0fd89c601a4a9ba6eebfac--taken-quotes-past-lifePinterest Photo

It’s time to give yourself credit and stop hovering what the past has done to you. It is one’s ability to push the past behind, you owe it to yourself! Stop beating yourself for past mistakes and start over. But you might be thinking to yourself.. ” what’s done is done, I can’t go back and change it” … True! But you can change to this day, it’s never too late!… Love yourself first and tell yourself, ” I’m only human”.

Yes, we are not perfect, but if we have done wrong learn from that and continue forward and do things differently, please stop kicking yourself and make it right..

Love yourself!💖

Time change and life

Good Morning or Good day!😄

Today I’m going to talk about time change and about life.

Either the time change is good or bad, but for me, it’s a good thing because I can close the store when it’s still day light, and I wish I could sleep longer and didn’t have to get up so early when it’s still dark outside.

But that’s life! I think that the time goes by faster than before, and that’s a good thing. Why get upset, when this happens every year!

We just need to prepare for it and make the best of it! … I know that I do! What good does it do if we throw tantrums, when we still have to go through it.


Open and Close


So I started working in a small grocery store and have to open at times and close. So far I have been closing and I do have to make sure that every light is off and I leave a few lights on, especially the outdoor light and one light on the inside of the store.

In the store is also a kitchen and dining area and have to work by myself and mind the whole store.

Believe me when I say, it’s hard! I have to cook and while people are waiting for their food orders, I have to run to the register to ring up other customers who are waiting to pay. It is hectic for me, myself and I…

But I always manage!👍

I had just started this job two weeks ago and now am opening and closing. Well, sometimes I wish I had help! So I just tell the customers that I will be right with them and am only one person and some understand… “Some”…

But, all is well for now and only hope for the best for me.. I have to work and make a living just like everyone else.

Good day or Goodnight everyone!🌌

Had to have some time to clear my head

Office chair with a ON LEAVE sign isolated on white backgroundIt’s all about being at bay with all of the chaos of different changes that I had to go through these past few weeks. 

Hello everyone!😍

Starting a new job, I had to focus and learn new techniques and how the company works. You know every job has its ups and downs, and every job has their own way or ways of doing things.

“That’s what I have been going through”….😬

Anyways, the only good thing is my family and friends! They have listened to my woes for weeks and they also take my mind off of negative things and like they say “two heads are better than one.”

Aside from my health, it has been a bumpy ride work wise, but people need to also vent from stress and whoever is willing to listen and take your mind off of negative words or feelings is a plus! And they are the positive people who you really are blessed with. So have the rest of Sunday to rest and will be back at a later time.

Good day and goodnight!



Team Work

I have always believed in teamwork in a job of employees!

Good Morning!😄


How can people think that they are the only ones working alone? When there are others also working for the same company!  It amazes me how people are competing with one another, and not working together in harmony.

Maybe it’s for selfish reasons? Or they want a raise, or whatever the matter is, it would be a lot better if everyone works hand in hand. ✋

There is no such thing as; I am better than you, why not just get along and like there is a saying: “two heads are better than one”.

The reason behind this post is I have dealt with people who are so selfish and ignorant, and wish they could just work with each other . But, it’s not that simple because after all, we live in a not so perfect world.

Good Day Everyone!

Cosmetics Fun!

20180220_102419hello friends!😄

Well, Well, look what I have here!

This is a well-known makeup set I ordered on eBay… And it is called( hard candy).

I love trying new and different kinds of makeup, how exciting! I have never tried this brand though? But I will!…..  There are tons of cosmetics and ideas on Pinterest and how to apply it in different ways. Like for instance;

On the eye area, how to outline the top of the eye, and underneath the eye area, how to apply eyeshadow and so forth.

What endless fun it is to experiment with cosmetics!

The weekend has passed …..

It is now monday the 19th of february, and time for a new week!

Good Day Everybody! Hope everybody had a nice weekend!

It is really windy here in my town, and I woke up late! which I so deserve! I had been taking care of my grandchildren for the weekend because my son had his one year anniversary of boyfriend and girlfriend with an amazing woman, which I hope she will be my daughter-in-law some day…

I have been busy , and my grandchildren keep me busy!! which is good for me, they keep me on my feet constantly… The time just flew by so fast!!!!…

But now for an easy day at home since I am off today from work because of presidents day.. Tomorrow will be another day, but I’m going to reflect on today because I am going to rest, rest, rest. Watch Television and enjoy this day.

It is really warm here in Texas! so I have all of the windows open and airing out the house… So good day everybody…