How much is too much?

Can we get too much love? Too much food! Too much fun! Or better yet, too much money!. I on the other hand would like love, love is much appreciated and food. Too much food is over doing it! Money is okay, but too much,  is power that when having it, takes on a different persona. By that being said, watch out for those that want to take it away. And also, try not to spend it on things you don’t need, maybe give to the church of your choice or maybe to a hospital. Invest wisely! Money is good to have when you need it and not having to go bankrupt.



Would be nice, to be able to walk around naked and not being scared that someone walking in would see you. Privacy is a luxury that is taken lightly here in my house. Because when living with a family it can get hectic at times, so to be alone when you want, can and will be a million to one! I try to, without getting upset to let them know I am going to take a nap, and they just say okay, but then they are back in my room again and I am talking about my grandchildren. Sometimes I need my space. I love them all, but I try to get ahold of my self so I won’t have a panic attack! I’m only human, and I do get upset. My son had asked me if I could stay with him because he needed help financially, but it is not working out. I have been living with him and my grandchildren for a little over a year now, and really need to tell him how I feel. Stay tuned. 

Everyone is special

everyone is special in their own way. I really appreciate that, because with our different characteristics we are able to think and speak in our special and uniqueness kind ways. We can attribute to circumstances beyond our wildess dreams! We all have a special gift. A special talent. People are so fortunate to have these gifts.

Why hate then love?

It’s very easy to hate then to love, because we all do it! It’s a born sin, that it is hard for everyone to love. So many people being murdered and perhaps, love hurts too. But we have our father in heaven, he will deliver us from evil in due time. We do not have that much time left in this world, because God will be here in a blink of an eye, when? We don’t know! Because only God knows when it is time.

Life’s Moments

Everyday is a new day! It brings laughter and enjoyment and at times  brings pain. But the most important is, Our Father God is always there for us in our life! Thanks to him we can keep on in our daily lives. He is the one who can lift up the burdens that we do not have to endure by ourselves. God is our stronghold! He knows how much we can bare.


When people get older, the childness comes back into play. It’s not about getting wiser, it’s about being a child again. Yes, you get wiser growing up! But, at a later age, that’s when your inner being becomes like a child. Older people will need to be taken care of again, as their memories tend to be just memories.

Saint Augustine Quote: “Let your old age be childlike, and your …


The night

What a lonely part of the day! Wow! Forbidden love affair with it’s entirety, 

.. Goodness gracious! So many things can be happening right now, with a long lost love or something like that. Hmm, what will I be doing? To try and think? It’s not hard at all!

Hurricane Harvey

Well. I live in the Texas region, and will be affected by this hurricane. Keep me in your prayers as well for my family. This is by far the worst of a hurricane that I will be in. Hopefully, I will be able to live through this to keep writing.

Hurricane Harvey keeps gaining


Harvey expected to make landfall as a major


Harvey expected to make landfall as a major


Hurricane Harvey keeps gaining


Strengthening Harvey forecast to slam East Texas as first major hurricane in U.S. since 2005


Restless night

In the dead of night, the blistering heat has not let up! and the full moon is bright and big above the sky. It’s no wonder why I can’t sleep! A cold shower should do. Or maybe, go into the lake nude as a bare cat. In any case, whatever comes to mind that’s what I will do. Well. In the lake was more appropriate, because it’s underneath the full moon and relaxing. I swam for a long time! And thinking good thoughts of a fling I had long ago, it was a beautiful time. Now as I get out of the lake, I wish to have those amazing moments again with my long lost fling. But off to bed for now to dream away.