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I love free! 📷📷📷 don’t you? ??


Now for a Reality Check


Before 2018, which was of course 2017, I had wrote down my New Year’s Resolutions!  Well, so far as I have planned so far so good.  I Had wrote down that I will be selling products to help good causes. 2nd to move out on my own,  starting in February. 3rd will be to find a new job. I know I will! 😀

4th is; I Will be closer to my brother armando who is in the Nursing Home in the same city where I will be moving to.

5th is; writing more often!  Which is really hard to do when packing and planning with the move.

Those are part of the lists that I have written down.

Good day everybody!

Try to make the best of it!😀


We are going to make the best of this Monday,  like it is Friday!

Good morning!  Why get up dreading this day,  when we know we can make it like always. jammed-2644000__480

Yes! I know back to going to work again,  and the traffic along the highway. I used to live in a big city and really,  this is what I had to endure every week. Traffic! But,  I knew to get up early and time⌚  the minutes on how far I had from the time I would to take from my house to my job. And I had 1 hour to get there. So I Would get my alarm set for 6 a.m. So I Had enough time to make it. It is all based on how far it would be from (point A to point B) and I would set the coffee maker at night and the coffee would be ready to drink by the time I would wake up. And get my clothes ready also at night so I wouldn’t get up and look for my clothes like a mad woman.  Preparation will make your work days so easy for everyone.

Good day!

Moving Out

downloadfileI am excited!  And I am sad at the same time! 😭 I am finally moving out to be on my own. 

I am excited because I will finally have my privacy,  and have been living with my son and his family for one year and five months to be exact!

Then I feel sad at the same time! I have come to be so close to my family! 👪 but, he is( my child) grownup. I want to cry, but I won’t. Maybe on the first of February,  I will!  Because it really is hard! They mean so much to me, but He my son is ever hardly home and only comes home on the weekends.  So he told me he was moving closer to his job as well. But,  will try and visit me.

He is thirty three years old, and I know he will be fine on his own. 👍

Life and Understanding

Good Morning! 

There is nothing wrong about anything or anyone! We are imperfect human beings.

First of all,  today I want to talk about the understanding that I have come to realize about my life. I never in the past, did I ever feel such appreciation for what I had,  I was ignorant,  I Had felt that life owed me and I had so much pain. But now that I am grownup!  I understand a lot.  You see, I had a teacher that taught me about God and his purpose in life for everybody. I merely was in the dark about so many things that he meaning God our father in heaven saw to it that I understand that he has a purpose for me in this world. He has a message and an assignment for each and every one of us. He loves us with undeserving kindness. At first I was pained and hurt by him because he never saved me from harm, but, as I had been studying about him, he made me understand he forgives and that he will punish those that deserve punishment.

I also came to realize that everything we have is all from Our Father ( God). He only let’s us stand so much heavy burden until he sees that we have had enough!  Then that’s where he comes in and relieves us from our burdens. He is an Awesome God!👑👑👑

Now I appreciate everything he gives me, he knows what we want and need, and he will be holding everyone’s hands!👐

You see, he sent an angel to me, and her name was ruth boykin, an amazing woman she was,  yes I said was, because she is no longer here. But I believe she is in heaven with myriads of angels singing and praising Jehovah God. Great day everyone! 👼

For Charity

560This picture on this mug is a picture I had taken on Christmas Eve. 

What I am doing is:

I have products on and the mug is one of them. The products that I will be selling,  will be for charities that I have chosen.  For example ;

The Ronald Mc Donald house.

The wounded warriors.

Feed my children.

I remember Andrea had posted that she too was also selling products on http://www.teespring. com

These charities are in need of our help! And I am happy to have started this campaign and am new to this. This was one of my goals for 2018. So if you will,  Can you help?❤

Good to have knowledge

Good morning! 💬💬💬literature-3068940_1280

Reading is key to knowledge,  even researching definitions, reading e-books online. Our brain has a part of just learning new things and it collects data from listening to  what others talk about,  whether it be on the streets, or the brain absorbs information from school. It feels good to be able to remember songs that just stay with you. To a song playing in your mind. Whatever we learn,  we can share with others who do not know the things you have learned. Like for instance; learning how to cook new recipes , to writing a book or what have you.  It’s never to late to learn,  because knowledge is power! .