Enhancement of dance, feel the beat, move your whole body….

Dance is a form of expression.. Show your gift that you were given by the highest and powerful father in Heaven. He has given us the opportunity to show us his love of dance.ballerina-2878011_1280

I love to dance!!!😆

It makes me happy and I feel good dancing to music. I have been dancing since I was a baby. When I was 5 years old , I danced on a coffee table. My mother had a picture of me dancing with my stringy long hair.

Dance is everywhere! In all over the world! I like dancing to up beat music and I think I should have been a choreographer when I was a teenager, because I was a hell of a dancer!

Now I am older, and getting a little stiff at dancing. But that is a gift I’m glad that God the father gave me. Don’t be shy! Get out there and show what you got! Or just dance at home if you don’t want to dance in public…


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