Thinking Ability

stock-photo-someone-looking-into-a-mirror-533895682I for one have this inner ability to think beyond my years!

When a person or person’s are sick and are alone and have no one to turn to, it can be very hard for someone to get something that they need or want within their reach.

Let’s say, you just got out of the hospital and are going to an empty house or wherever you dwell, and go and lay down and are very weak!😫 and no one is around to help you out? Very Scary!…

Being helpless is so terrible! But, it happens. … You are lying in wait. You’re thinking to yourself ” I wish I had my mother here, or someone, anybody!” just to love you and get you a glass of water and your medicines and to make you something to eat or anything.

So many people are in the very same situation. And it’s Sad.😞

That’s when people are thinking to themselves just how they would love to have anyone check up on them, to go the store or whatever they need for them to do. To be THERE with them.

It’s really ashame!


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