I never liked the rain when I was a teenager!😥

Because of what I had gone through as a child, and as a teenager. Rain was like a bad thing.

But as I grew up! I started to learn about the bible and about God of course!📜 that’s when I opened my eyes and heart! Be guided by a God fearing person and a strong wise woman at that, her name was ruth. Yes, I said, (was). She is no longer living. But, she really helped me understand everything about our father in heaven and his son Jesus Christ and of a whole lot of things! I was blessed and still am.

I no longer dread the rain. In fact, I feel blessed and I welcome the rain! I’m glad that God sent me an angel👼 and her name was ruth. May ruth be singing in the choir to our heavenly father. And thank you God for sending her.



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