The backdoor

“it’s very hard to put the past behind” leave your backdoor closed for you do not want the past to come in!👣

Why is it that we as people have a tendency to relive the past? We can never just leave it be!

It haunts us to the present time! Can’t we just put it in the back burner🔥

At times I find myself wandering right back to the past without wanting too. It creeps up at the not so right time! Don’t get me wrong! I had some good times, but then I had some veey bad times and those bad times come right back.

I have come to keep it at range as to not interfere with my present life. Because it’s not my loved ones fault. It was my ordeal at the time.

I think I grew up right!

Not turning to drugs or any of the bad things getting in the way. I’m a stronger person now and no one or nothing gets in my way. I can surpass any rough and tough obstacles and feel good about myself.

I am the person I am today because of all the struggles I have been through in my life!👏

I applaud myself for doing so! The bad times are in the past but I can handle that part of my life.


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