abstract It is fun to be creative! To learn new ways of creating new ideas…

Good Morning!

If for some reason I have time, I would start writing down new ideas of creating something, whether it be crafts like for instance:

  1. Mason Jar Paper mache, hot glue gun, marbles, ribbon, construction paper etc….
  2. Wooden objects, Art supplies, anything that I think about making with what I’ve got.. There are so many creative ideas out there to explore out of my thinking box.. Google Search is a way of searching new and creative ways of ( How to’s)…. So I like to stay busy on different ideas of creating… My love is : Photography! I’m weak when it comes to taking Photos of different things, For instance: Birds, flowers, sunsets, people, speed, etc… My photography inspires me to upload my photos on my computer to use for purposes of  either on my technique of selling them or putting my photo on a mug, t-shirt, or on WordPress blogging! There is many things to use my photos on. Another way I use one of my photos is on Facebook, instagram and twitter, it’s endless…… I do this on my free time, it makes me get my mind off everything going on in my LIFE….. I love how there are so many things that the internet makes it so easy! and it’s there in front of me to explore!…. And there are so many different devices out there that I can use to make my life easier.

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