Make Time

“Making time for yourself”

It is very crucial that a person make some time for their self. Just like making a schedule of the week! fit some time in that schedule for yourself. We always make time for others, other then ourselves..

free bird

I Love taking pictures of a free bird flying who has no care in the world and doesn’t know what everybody else is doing and maybe does not think about anything around the world…. All he or she knows how it feels like flying away in the sky and not feeling pain or sorrow… only where they will find food to eat and enjoying a short time here on earth,.

But we as humans have a lot to worry about in this life! first, we have to work and pay bills and so forth… We have to set an example for our children, so they can learn the basics of earning money, so that they will know how to survive in this world..

My Post today is about making time for oneself so we do not fall into this chaos of a mess that we are living. We could get trapped with everyday routines of life! We are only human and can do so much! … So in order to do this, just as  you would write a schedule, just be sure to include yourself along the lines. Don’t forget to do this! time is wasting..


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