Natural Beauty

17 Best Natural Makeup and Beauty Products — Best of Beauty …

The best of makeup ideas for the natural face look…

Start by washing your face first! You do not start applying makeup right away, then apply a toner….

And apply a foundation that is the color of your skin.

You have to start with the basics first! And use fresh applicators, not the applicators that you have used a day before. You can use a Q- tip as an applicator as well for the eyes, as an eyeliner, and for the eyeshadow. So as to not having to buy the applicators.

There a lot of tips out there as to how to apply make-up…

For a teenage girl who is going to start with make-up for the very first time, I would suggest Avon make-up! Avon’s makeups, are perfectly made for the natural look. Learn new technologies, because after all, there are videos that you yourself can learn from.



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