Books, Books!πŸ“•πŸ“—πŸ“˜πŸ“–

7a419fc964a3e343bad1ed7179faa2e5--yearbook-covers-year-bookCan you imagine! There are so many books to read and still others we have not read. Who can keep up!9db02f20d0bb76c4e186f3e6be1f343c--the-pigeon-book-design

We learn as a child to read and write and use what we learn to use proper grammar, so if we decide to write a book, we can! We learn imagination. Imagining that we are in the story and as a get away from the real world.00f8c5dd643888d839f74eff24d8f2e2--cover-books-book-cover-artlike on this Mary Poppins Book, she gets to fly away far far away!

I bet you wish you could too!

I feel just the same as you at times!

Mary Poppins also carried an umbrella. I guess for when it would rain? “Good Idea”

Go up and up and away!πŸ”­


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