Healthy Beauty Refined

Beauty Secrets:

Available at your grocery store (s).

Avocado – is used as a facial mask; you mash the avocado and apply it all over your face, for 20 minutes!  Then wash it off with warm water.  There is no need to purchase a product that you will not be pleased with,  rather purchase an avocado that is sure to work.

Lemon – is also used to clear your face of any impurities that your face may have. So squeeze the lemon juice in a bowl, and with your clean hands,  dip the lemon juice onto your face,  not in your eyes but leave on for 10 minutes!  Then rinse the lemon juice off your face.

Milk – for stressed tired eyes!

In a bowl pour some milk and with 2 cotton balls drench into milk and apply on closed eyes!  There is no need to wash or rinse the eyes.

Potato slices – also a tired eyes lifter! In each eye, a slice of potato. Leave on for 10 minutes!

Cucumber slices.-  the same for tired eyes,  it is the same application as the potato slices!  Leave on for 10 minutes!  Those are just a few healthy beauty secrets!

Rejuvenation! 📌


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