Drawing to a conclusion

“it has been a tough and trying year of 2017”

But I Have made it!  I can think back when I had started 2017 with such enthusiasm! and hope for a better year. Well I have had my ups and downs through trial and error!  But always!  Learn even at my age.  Looking back,  I seem to notice that nothing has changed in what I see around me. And by what I mean by that is ; the same routine that I had been doing was the same over and over again!  By taking care of my grandchildren to making of meals , taking care of the house.  Never ending!

So based on what I have looked back on, I am going to change some things and that will be for 2018. I will be moving out of my son’s house and on to my own apartment or house.  Because in order to do the things I posted about doing,  I will have to be on my own.  No more of taking care of children or grandchildren. It is time for me to take that step!  I need to take care of me.

Goodnight friends! 🎆


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