Words of wisdom

20171226_135342-2” healthy lifestyle is in the works”

Good morning my friends! 😀

It has been a roller coaster ride this year! From eating foods that were not healthy , to working very hard! Not that it is going to get better,  but rather trying to make work a little easier or just find a better job. We have different opportunities in this life!😛

In other words,  we have the control to decide a better way for ourselves, health wise, changing the we eat, appearance,or what have you.

I will start my new year 2018, first with my eating habits,  then a little changes with myself,  like ; my hairstyle and my skin. My skin needs a whole lot of moisturizing!  WIth a milk bath and a good moisturizing cream. And I need to do this on a daily basis. My hair needs lift of life to it! Do any of you girls have any ideas on what I should use?  I need your input.

And last but not least, not in the least, I feel tired all of the time! Maybe a better bottle of vitamins,  like for instance,  alive!  Yes, I will try it! These are the chewable kind.

But, that is my new year’s resolution for 2018!  One thing at a time right! 😅📯


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