Thank you ( from the bottom of my heart )🎀

enlight1-1” I have been nominated by a very special person who has been one of the special people on WordPress Rhapsody Boheme”

Whom I have had the pleasure of getting to know and love!  She is an amazing person who can make your day brighter and she looks at everything so positively. Also please feel free to visit her page and view and read her amazing stories.

Now, about myself!

1- Here it goes,  my name is leticia and am homelife7597 on WordPress. I am a dedicated woman to everyone and everything in life that I can bare, because after all I am only human,  “but aren’t we all”😀

2- what makes me write blogs?  Well, experiences in life made me write. I have learned alot growing up and going through so many circumstances.

3- what is the most important thing in my life?

Simple!  My family,  being with them has made me happy! 😀 seeing my grandchildren grow and grow and watching their expressions.

4- what authors do I like?

My favorites are:  Nora Roberts , and Sandra Brown.

5- what is your favorite foods?

Mine are:

Lasagna, chicken strip salad, and beef tips and white rice.

6- who is my favorite movie star?

Mine is:

Sandra Bullock,  she is so funny! She makes the funniest of funny.

7- what is my favorite singer?

Mine is :

George Michael,  because to me, he sings from his heart. But, (r.i.p.) I loved him.💞

Well, time for my nominees:

Rhapsody Boheme

Rahul Gaur

Healthy Lifestyle

Be Blogger Official

Tails Around the Ranch


Christy B

Boundless Blessings blog

Me Raw

Mitch Teemley

Don’t Give a Jam



Curious Introvert

Dateably dateable

I wish I can add everybody,  but unfortunately I could not. Everybody is special to me and beautiful bloggers.

And thank you again for nominating me Rhapsody!  And by the way , Good day! ✋




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